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Festival in St Gilgen





Salzburg lies on the northern edge of the limestone Alps, and on the western edge of the lake district, where 69 freshwater lakes nestle in between the foothills of the Alps.

Stunning scenery of green fields and sheer mountain tops mirrored in crystalline waters.  On this tour I want to show you four of these lakes.Through farming country, past lake Fuschl and its palace, used in the movie Sissi on to St Gilgen on Wolfgangsee.

After a stroll through the quaint village, home of Mozart’s mother we take a boat across the lake to St Wolfgang, famous for the gothic pilgrimage church with the famous 15th century tryptic altar by Michael Pacher. Then another scenic drive to the village of Mondsee, a visit to the St Michael’s basilica and back to Salzburg

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